Low Vision Magnifiers

Low vision magnifiers can help one adjust and adapt to vision loss whether it is from macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy or macular dystrophy. The goal of these types of magnifiers is to maximize one's usable vision.

Macular degeneration is the loss of central vision - it is not blindness but rather low vision. Low vision means that a person's vision cannot be corrected by prescription glasses or through any medical or surgical intervention. Low vision magnifiers are meant to make the most of the vision that you do have.

As your macular degeneration progresses you will need more magnification and more light.

There is no one "best magnifier" for someone with macular degeneration.

Different tasks will require different magnifiers.

Decide first what task the magnifier will be used for - such as reading, watching TV, performing a hobby or something portable so you can see prices, labels or menus. Then purchase a low vision magnifier for that specific task. It is best to be evaluated by a low vision specialist to determine what power magnification is needed along with determining what magnifiers and vision aids will be most helpful.

Floor Magnifier Lamp

floor magnifier lamp

A floor magnifier lamp can be placed and used next to your favorite reading chair. You can keep your hands free and have plenty of light to see.

Good lighting is just as important at magnification. As one's macular degeneration progresses, so does the need for better and brighter lighting.

We purchased this floor lamp magnifier for my father-in-law who has macular degeneration. He is able to continue reading with the combination of light, magnification and large print books.

You can get yours at Amazon here:

Magnifying Floor Lamp with 12 LED Lights

Magnifying Glass with Light

A 5" round frame provides a good wide viewing area that magnifies 2x with a 6x "zoom-in" magnifier. The optical quality lens is distortion free which means words and letters will have better clarity.

A nice large round magnifier with a single bright LED light can be used for spot magnification anywhere in your house, garage, basement or while you are out shopping.

Turn the light on and off using a switch located in the handle

Mighty Bright LED 5" Round Magnifying Glass

Portable Magnifier

A portable magnifier can go with you wherever you go.

Keep one in your pocket or purse to use when you are at restaurants, shopping or traveling.

They can range in price from $200 for an electronic magnifier that offers the highest power of magnification to less than $10 for a high quality Bausch and Lomb hand held magnifier.

If you need higher magnification, then this hand held electronic magnifier will help those with macular degeneration keep their independence.

With a 4.3" screen and the ability to magnify from 6x to 25x, it is one magnifier you don't want to be without.

ViSee 4.3" LCD Portable Electronic Portable Magnifier

Magnifying Desk Lamp

A goosneck arm allows the flexibility to move and adjust the light and magnification so that they are maximized.

 The viewing area is 3.5" diameter and the magnification is 3.5X.

The base is nice and heavy so that the lamp does not easily tip over.  A clear distortion free lens means that one can easily see fine detail.  A practical choice for any close up work.

Black Magnifying Desk Lamp

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