TV Screen Magnifier

A TV screen magnifier is an aid that at one time fit over your TV  but it didn't provide the clarity and magnification needed for better viewing.  However you can try these tips below for enjoying your favorite television shows or consider magnifying TV glasses that you can take with you wherever you go.

TV screen magnifier

Tips for Better TV Viewing

Those with macular degeneration experience the loss of central vision as well as their sharp, detailed vision and the ability to distingish colors. So the sharper and clearer your picture, the better for those with AMD.

1. The new high definition TV's definitely provide a sharper and crisper image than the older TV models.

2. For better TV viewing, sit closer to the TV. The closer you are the better for those with AMD.

3. It is also helpful to watch TV on a large TV screen. In this case, the bigger the screen the better.

If you are in the market for purchasing a new TV select the largest screen that is affordable for you and fits in your family room.

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Computer Screen Magnifier

If you are content with watching TV on your computer monitor, you can try a computer screen magnifier. This LCD computer screen magnifier enlarges your picture and is easy to assemble.

Be sure to select the computer screen magnifier based on the size of your monitor and style of monitor.

These screen magnifiers come in several sizes ranging from 19" to 24".

Display screen magnifier filter - 19" (LCD)

TV Glasses

If you have a scotoma, which is a gray, black or blurry spot in the middle of your vision, try sitting closer to your TV. 

The farther away from the TV you are, the larger the blind spot whereas the closer you are to the TV, the smaller the scotoma, or blind spot. If you would like to sit in your favorite couch a little farther from the TV try television glasses.

tv screen magnifier

These glasses feature a high quality lense for clarity with adjustable focus. TV viewing glasses are available to help with distance vision. They are called Max TV Glasses by Eschenbach.  They do not work for everyone because everyone's vision loss is different. 

They are a type of binocular glasses that are hands free and provide 2.1X magnification.

Each eye lens can be focused separately. The glasses will focus on objects from distances of 10 feet to infinity (well, maybe not that far), and can be used for 

√ Watching TV

√ Sporting Events, 

√ Movies, 

√ Theater, 

√ Bird Watching, or any other distance viewing.

Watching TV is a favorite past time for many people with macular degeneration. Sitting closer to the TV is one way to see the details better, but these TV glasses act as a a TV screen magnifier and make it possible to sit in your comfortable TV chair and see the TV screen too.

They are available at Amazon. Read a couple of reviews here:

Eschenbach TV Glasses 

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