Magnifying Desk Lamp

A magnifying desk lamp provides directed light and magnification that can be used for reading or for performing hobbies.

magnifying desk lamp

Some of the features to look for are:

1.  An adjustable arm so that the light and magnification can be directed to exactly where needed

2.  The size of the lens

magnifying desk lamp

3.   The magnification power with an added higher spot magnification

4.   Power source

Some desk lamp magnifiers use only AC and others can be powered by AC and batteries so the lamp can be used anywhere.  Others provide a USB option.

5.  The type and number of lights

magnifying desk lamp

On the left is the Carson Desk Lamp which uses 2 LED lights.  On the right is the AmazLab desk lamp magnifier that has a circle of 18 LED lights.

Fully Adjustable Magnifying Desk Lamp

This 3x magnifying desk lamp has 3 color temperatures to choose from - cool white, white or yellow.

magnifying desk lamp

Fully adjustable the lamp head can rotate left or right and flip up and down so you can position the light where it's needed most.

magnifying desk lamp

The sturdy clamp allows you to move the magnifying light from your kitchen to your desk to your garage workbench. It illuminates your work area while providing magnification.

magnifying desk lamp

The circular LED light is adjustable for brightness and temperature from cool white, white to yellow.

magnifying desk lamp

No more holding a lighted magnifier - go hands free and enjoy performing your hobbies, crafts or reading with this fully adjustable magnifying desk lamp.

Lighting LED Magnifying Lamp with Clamp 360°Adjustable Swivel Arm, Dimmable, Adjustable Color Temperature Light for Crafts, Reading, and Professional Use

AmazLab Steel Magnifying Desk Lamp

magnifying desk lamp

1.  Lens Size is 3" in diameter

2.  Magnifying power is 2X with a 6X spot magnifier

3.  Ring of 18 LED lights 

4.  A/C adapter and USB Cable

The USB cord can be plugged into a computer or portable cell phone charger so you can use the lamp anywhere even if there is no outlet.

The ring of LED lights help to evenly distribute the light for better clarity and focus. The sturdy metal base prevents any tipping and the quality gooseneck arm is easy to adjust to any position.

Amazlab Magnifying Desk Lamp USB Cabled, 3x & 6x Spot Magnifying Glass, Adjustable Gooseneck with LED Lights.

Carson Desk Lamp with Magnifier

You can also get a magnifying desk lamp that uses LED lights. The gooseneck feature allows the lamp to be positioned close to your reading material or hobby.

magnifying desk lamp

1. Lens Size is 4" diameter

2. Magnifying power of 2X with a spot 5X magnifier

3.  Two LED lights

4.  Powered by electric cord or 3 AAA batteries

Often with the brighter LED lights less magnification is needed.

This magnifier light is perfect for any desk or kitchen counter top. It can also run on batteries so you can move it anywhere - even if there is no electrical outlet.

Use it to read your mail, write letters, look at photos, or balance your checkbook. 

Carson DeskBrite LED 2X Magnifier & Desk Lamp 

Positioning Your Magnifying Desk Lamp

Obviously, the closer the light to your reading material the better the illumination. The farther the light source, the less illumination.  Aim your light onto your page or hobby work in a way that illuminates but doesn't create glare or shadows.  You may have to adjust it several times to find the position that will maximize visibility that's best for you.

positioning your magnifying desk lamp

Continue to perform your hobbies or read your favorite magazines or books with a magnifying desk lamp. 

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