Magnifying Floor Lamp

A magnifying floor lamp provides light and magnification making it hands free so that reading or performing hobbies is easier. One that has a gooseneck or swing arm is important so that the lighted magnifier can be adjusted or moved for optimal lighting and magnification.

Floor Lamp Magnifier

magnifying floor lamp

Using magnifying lamps with a flexible arm allows one to adjust the location and the angle of the light and magnifier to best suit your project or reading material. It is one of the most useful vision aids for macular degeneration.

A hand held magnifying glass is good for quick, short tasks like reading a label on a can or looking at a photograph or checking a bill. But for hobbies that involve using your hands or for reading that takes more time, then you need a hands free magnifier. A floor lamp magnifier is a good option.

It can be placed near your favorite reading chair for reading books, instructions, magazines or newspapers. Or it can be used at a table or desk to perform your favorite hobby or maybe less favorite activities like writing checks and balancing your checkbook.

Brightech - LightView PRO SuperBright Magnifier Floor Lamp with 60 Embedded LEDs

Light and Magnification

As one's macular degeneration progresses the need for light and magnification increases. Using a hands free magnifier like a floor lamp magnifier is one way to adapt to your macular degeneration.

This full page magnifier means your hands are free to hold your book, newspaper or magazine. Just set it near your favorite reading chair, desk or table.

We bought the floor lamp magnifier like the one pictured here for my father-in-law who has wet macular degeneration. He loves it and uses it everyday for reading. To check it out click here:

Find ways to adjust so that you can continue doing the things you enjoy and the tasks you need to do to maintain your independence.

Better floor lamp magnifiers have become available since we bought the one in the video.

 Amazon now offers a lamp that uses bright LED lights and 1.75 magnification.

Even with the bright lights, the lamp stays cool.  A heavy base keeps it sturdy so it doesn't tip while moving and adjusting the lamp.

If you live outside the United States, Amazon ships internationally.

The flexible gooseneck allows you to position the light/magnifier wherever it is needed. Go to Amazon and check out some of the great reviews:

Brightech LightView Pro LED Magnifying Floor Lamp

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