Macular Degeneration Aids for Grooming

Macular degeneration aids for grooming and tips for looking your best include the use of lighted magnifying mirrors, sense of touch and pump dispensers . 

macular degeneration aids for grooming

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Styling your hair, brushing your teeth, or applying make-up becomes a challenge with diminished or blurry vision, but with some simple switches you can find that your morning routine can become less frustrating.

Lighted Magnifying Mirror

Lighted magnifying mirrors make it possible to see yourself better for a cleaner shave, a precision lipstick application and a styled hair. As one's macular degeneration progresses the need for more magnification and more light becomes more important - even in the bathroom.

macular degeneration aids for grooming

My father-in-law uses this battery operated one with a strong suction cup with the ability to rotate and move in just about any direction.  These mirrors can come corded and in different styles and sizes.

The mirror in the picture is 5" but with the lights and rim it measures 8".  It takes 3 AAA batteries which makes it cordless so you can use it anywhere and because it folds down flat it's easy to take with you when traveling.

10x Magnifying LED Lighted Makeup Mirror - Battery Operated

This macular degeneration aid can help with putting on and taking off make-up, styling hair, tweezing, shaving or other grooming tasks.

Make your morning routine a bit simpler and look put together by actually seeing what you look like before you walk out the door.  

macular degeneration aids for grooming

Magnification power ranges from 2x - 10X with different power sources such as battery or electric.  The two most common types of lighting people are a circular fluorescent bulb which features no shadows and evenly distributed light and the other is bright LED lights.

lighted magnifying mirror

Wall mounted or pedestal style, viewing size ranging from 7"-10" in diameter, and higher quality distortion free mirrors are all features to consider.  Find one that is adjustable so that you can get it at just the right angle for your best viewing.

A lighted magnifying mirror comes in handy for shaving, styling your hair, or applying make-up. 

Electric Razor

Replace your razor with an electric or rechargeable battery operated razor for less nicks and cuts. Use the sense of touch to find places that you've missed.

macular degeneration aids for grooming

Some rechargeable, cordless razors can be used in the shower if you find that would be easier and less clean up in the sink. 

Hair Care

macular degeneration tips

Utilize contrast with a black hair dryer on a white bathroom counter to maximize your usable vision.

Put a rubber band over one of them to use your sense of touch to distinguish the shampoo from the conditioner.   

macular degeneration aids for grooming

Pump Bottles

Find body lotions, shampoos, face wash and face lotions that come in a pump. It's easy to get out just the right amount.  

macular degeneration aids for grooming

With a pump there is no need to open and close a cap (or drop the cap and not be able to find it) or spill and over pour.  You can buy universal pumps to use with your favorite beauty care products.

2 Pack Shampoo / Conditioner Universal Pumps with 11" Tube, Can be Trimmed to Desired Size

Macular Degeneration Aids for Clean Teeth

For better oral health and for ease in charging, we bought the Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Rechargeable toothbrush.  Simply place the toothbrush in the glass (which is plugged into an outlet)  for easy charging.  

macular degeneration aids for grooming

Put a contrasting color washcloth under it so you can see or find it easier.  The on/off button is easy to feel.

Use a toothpaste that comes in an upright dispenser so again you can get just the right amount.

Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Rechargeable Toothbrush w/Deep Clean Mode

Macular Degeneration Aids to Help with Make-up and Skin Care

Keep your personal care products in the same place so they are easier to find. Organize your make up by putting it all in one tray or basket.

macular degeneration aids for grooming

Use another tray or basket for face wash, eye creams and face lotions.

Use lip gloss instead of lipstick so you don't need to worry if you've gotten your color in just the right place.

You will need to reapply more often, but it's easy to do. 

macular degeneration aids for grooming

Again find a face lotion that comes in a pump dispenser so you don't need to fumble with taking on or off a screw cap. If you need the sense of touch to identify it, use stick on bumps or rubber bands.

macular degeneration aids for grooming

Easy dispensing and sense of touch, along with light and magnification can help you feel confident in your appearance when you leave the house.

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