Low Vision Clocks

Low vision clocks help those with macular degeneration to keep track of time and sometimes, date and day, by using easy to see large, bold numbers or by hearing the time and date.

low vision aids for telling time

Having trouble seeing what time it is? Have you missed appointments or your favorite TV program because you have trouble keeping track of time?  Invest in a low vision clock that has really large numbers that can be seen during the day or in the middle of the night.

Large Number Clocks

Use of large number or talking aids for those with macular degeneration will help to reduce some of the frustration of visual impairment that comes with the loss of central vision.

macular degeneration vision aid
Determine where the clock will be used.

When my father-in-law got up in the middle of the night he would have to put his face right in front of their bedroom clock to see the time.

Now with this large number clock -  numbers light up on a black background - he can see the time from a short distance.

Rocam Digital Alarm Clock - Large 6.5" LED Display

Time, Date and Day

There are times when all of us can use a reminder as to what day and date it is. 

macular degeneration aids for telling time, day and date
Everyone's vision needs are different. For some people this color combination of stark white numbers and letters on a dark black background provide the best contrast for seeing.

It also displays the time, month and day of the week, in large, bold numbers/letters.

It measures 8.5" wide x 6.75" high x 1" deep (4.5" deep with Kickstand) and features an 8" screen.

At night it lights up so it can be seen during the day and at night:

American Lifetime [Newest Version] Day Clock - Extra Large Number Digital Clock with Battery Backup

low vision aids

My father-in-law who has wet macular degeneration finds these large number clocks helpful for keeping track of time so that he gets to the dining room in time for his evening meal. 

Simple to Read

This simple easy to read clock by Mondaine is the official Swiss rail clock that can be seen at every train station. 

Mondaine A990.CLOCK.11SBC Wall Clock White Dial Red Frame

Talking Clocks

Just press a button and in a loud voice, hear what time it is.

This one works well for those who rely on the talking voice feature.

The large blue button is easy to see - just press it to get your time.  However, if the other smaller buttons are accidently pressed one may have to reset the clock for time, AM/PM, etc.

Talking Curve Alarm Clock Large LCD Display and Clear Speaking Voice

You don't have to worry about pressing the wrong button and accidentally resetting the time or day with this talking clock.

The clock will speak day, month, date and year and announces the time every hour.

The clock measures 2 3/4" x 2 3/4" x 2 1/4" and requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

Reizen 3 in 1 Talking Super Cube Clock for the Visually Impaired

Checking the time need not be an exercise in frustration with the use of low vision clocks that offer large easy to see numbers, contrasting colors and/or a talking feature to hear the time. 

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