Low Vision Aids for Writing

Low vision aids for writing can help you or your loved one maintain some independence in writing bills, signing documents or just for sending off a note. You might be surprised by some of these simple tips that will keep you writing notes, bills or letters. 

√  Use a Magnifying Desk Lamp 

Get a magnifying desk lamp that you can adjust and direct the light and magnifier close to your paper. 

macular degeneration aids for writing

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A gooseneck feature or swing arm are the two types of lamps that allow the light to be adjusted and directed onto your paper work.

Direct lighting and additional magnification will make writing easier.  

√ Choose a larger-tip writing pen such as a 20/20 Pen

visual aids for low vision

This pen is extra wide with bold, blank ink which makes it easier to see what you are writing.

The dark and thicker lettering provides good contrast for better clarity.

You can find them at office supply stores or on line here at Amazon:

20-20 Pen - Easy-to-See Bold-Point - Pack of 12

√ Choose paper that has bold lines and wider spaces between the lines.

visual aids for low vision

The dark black, thick lines make it easier to keep your writing straight.

The wider spaces allow for using a thicker 20/20 pen.

You can purchase low vision thick lined writing paper at some stationery stores and or on line here at Amazon.

√ Purchase and use writing guides

There are low vision writing guide kits that include five practical writing formats: letters, personal checks, envelopes, business envelopes, and signatures.

Simply place the guide over the wide spaced paper to help keep one writing legibly.

visual aids for low vision

The guides are made from a sturdy plastic and helps to keep your writing within the guided area.

Use them to write to-do lists or reminders for yourself or to send off a note to a loved one or family member.

Most importantly - keep writing.

Just like the saying goes "if you don't use it, you will lose it." If you stop writing you will lose your confidence and ability to write your checks, grocery list or notes to your loved ones. Try one of the many low vision aids for writing.

Check Writing

Balancing a checkbook. taking care of bills and managing ones finances requires several different visual aids. Not only is it a strain to SEE bills or statements, WRITING can be a challenge as well.

The two simple and low cost aids are a check writing guide and a large tip pen. Or you may also ask your bank to provide you with large print checks and check register.

visual aids for low vision

This set includes a plastic check writing guide, envelope guide and a signature guide. Twenty sheets of paper with bold, black lines make it easier to write notes or letters.

The 20/20 pen writes in bold, black ink making it easier to see what was written.

Writing Guide Kit including Check Writing Guide, BoldWriter 20 Pen and Low Vision Paper

There are several low vision aids for writing that are available to assist with everyday tasks for individuals with visual impairments.

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