Large Print Magazines

Turn your favorite magazine into a large print magazine with an iPad, Kindle Fire, or Barnes and Noble Nook. Almost every magazine is now available in digital form which means you can enlarge the font or zoom in on those beautiful graphics.

large print magazine

High Def, Vivid, Detailed and Large Screen

The Kindle Fire is one of the more affordable color electronic book readers. It comes in several sizes - 7", 8", and 10.1".

For magazines, the larger screen is better for those with macular degeneration.

The latest 10" screen will provide you with bright vivid pictures thanks to the high definition display with over a million pixels (149 ppi).

Added benefits for those with macular degeneration is that they can enjoy the magazine pictures with wide viewing angles, less glare, blacker blacks and more brightness.

An easy to use touch screen makes it easy to navigate magazine articles. 

Fire HD 10 Tablet, 10.1" HD Display

Kindle Fire - $5 Magazine Subscription Offer

Amazon offers a wide variety of selections that appeal to men and women - from gardening to computers. A yearly subscription is available or just make a one time purchase. 

large print magazine

Just about any magazine that is available in hard copy can now be downloaded to the Kindle Fire - from PC Magazine, to National Geographic to Redbook.

A normal annual subscription runs from around $10 to more than $30 - but certainly not any more than a regular subscription.

You can try any magazine for 30 days for free before you decide to subscribe. You can get a limited number of magazines, like Ladies Home Journal, Eating Well, More, and Traditional Home for only $5 for a full year subscription. I bought Eating Well and Traditional Home for my Kindle Fire HD. The colors in the pictures are stunning. I may never go back to reading magazines the old way. To check out this offer go to:

$5 Magazine Subscriptions

Large Print Magazine
Reader's Digest

Hard copy large print magazines are few and far between. Reader's Digest is one of the few magazines that offers a large print option and is the most popular magazine that comes in large print.

It runs about $30 for a yearly subscription.

This is a nice gift idea for someone with macular degeneration.

A subscription to these magazines is available to U.S. and Canadian residents. They usually are not available as a single issue.

With more and more magazines becoming available in digital form, hard copy ones are not going to become any more popular. Reader's Digest has articles on a wide variety of subjects along with some great humor. You can get this subscription at Amazon here:

Reader's Digest Large Print (1-year)

Large Print Guideposts

Pick up a 2015 large print edition of Guide Posts for motivation and to get a fresh perspective on life.

It is set in an easy-to-read 16-point type. 

A daily devotional for those who enjoy starting their day with some spiritual inspiration, these short writings take about five minutes to read. It is a collection of writings from all different authors sharing their stories of encouragement with others.

For those with macular degeneration often the combination of large print, light and magnification makes it possible to continue reading.

Daily Guideposts 2015: A Spirit-Lifting Devotional (Large Print Edition)

Apple iPad Zinio App

The Zinio app has countless magazines for all ages and interests. I download my House Beautiful, Southern Living and Real Simple magazines right onto my iPad.

I love the vivid colors and the ability to zoom in on any picture.

With two fingers any image can be easily enlarged to any size. If you want to see a flower or instructions for a recipe, enlarging the print or image is so easy.

Audio Magazines

Do you miss reading your favorite magazine?  Well, miss it no longer.  Choice Magazine Listening (CML) offers FREE audio magazine articles for the visually impaired.   CML chooses articles from 100 leading magazines and records them.  Every other month this free service provides its subscribers with 8 hours of articles, fiction and poetry
read by professional voices and recorded on four-track cassette tapes.  

The 4-track cassette player is available for free from the Library of Congress through the Talking Book Program.  Call Choice Magazine Listening at 1-888-724-6423 to get started.

This service selects and records writings from approximately 100 leading magazines. Every other month, this unique the subscriber is provided with free eight hours of "the best" unabridged articles, fiction and poetry read by professional voices and recorded on four-track cassette tapes.

 If you'd like to learn more about this free program click here:

Choice Magazine Listening

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