Blue Blocker Sunglasses

Blue blocker sunglasses protect the retina from the possible damaging effects of blue light. 

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According to Dr. Lylas Mogk, retina specialist and author of Macular Degeneration: The Complete Guide to Saving and Maximizing Your Sight extensive laboratory studies of primates provide persuasive evidence that blue light may be more damaging to the macula than UV light."
blue blocker sunglasses

However she does go on to say that there are conflicting results in human studies:

"Some studies positively link macular degeneration with any kind of light exposure, other studies have found a weak correlation between macular degeneration and blue light exposure, and yet a third group of studies has found no correlation at all between macular degeneration and sunlight."

Blue light waves are wavelengths from 400-500 nanometers and are the waves that give the sky its blue color.

Dan Roberts, the Founding Director of MD Support and author of The First Year: Age-Related Macular Degeneration: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed sheds some light on this topic by answering our question, How is it that blue light can be harmful to our eyes?

"Retinas compromised by disease are more at risk from light damage than healthy ones. Blue light, specifically light that is in the higher frequency nearing ultraviolet (UV), is not filtered well by retinal tissue that is weakened by genetic deficiencies, poor nutrition, polluted environments, health habits, and aging. We need, therefore, to protect our eyes from both UV and near-UV.

To be absolutely clear, the research has not shown conclusively that blue light is any more toxic than the other colors. There is, however, enough evidence to cause concern. I, for one, prefer to err on the side of caution by taking simple steps to protect my eyes."

Benefits of wearing Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue light blocking glasses benefit the wearer in three ways:

1. Increased Visibility

blue blocker sunglasses

These glasses do not make "the world" appear darker like most sunglasses. Blue blockers let in more light which helps with better visibility when outside.

2. Reduced Glare

Not only do these glasses block blue light, they also block glare. Most people with AMD are very sensitive to glare and appreciate these sunglasses for this reason alone.

3. Supports Healthy Sleep

I wear my Eagle Eye blue light blocking sunglasses while I am outside during the day but you may be surprised to hear that I wear them in the evening at home.  Richard L. Hansler, PhD,  physicist, and lighting researcher, explains, "Since it is primarily the blue rays in ordinary white light that control the circadian rhythm, one can make the body act as if in darkness by using light bulbs that don’t make blue light or by wearing eyeglasses that block blue light. "  Blocking blue light at night has greatly improved my ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. If you'd like to read Dr. Hansler's e-book on this topic it's less than a dollar at Amazon:

Great Sleep! Reduced Cancer!: A Scientific Approach to Great Sleep and Reduced Cancer Risk

Blue Blocker Lens

Sunglasses that offer protection from blue light are tinted orange, red/orange, yellow or amber.

 Sometimes you will see a % sign in the description of the glasses, letting you know how much of the blue light is being allowed in (not blocked).

Not all of blue blockers offer 100% protection from blue light. You will see statements like "blue blocker protection" or "100 percent blue light protection."

Fit-On Sunglasses

For those who don't want to spend the money to get prescription sunglasses, an easy option is to wear sunglasses over them.

People with macular degeneration like the orange and yellow lenses because of the contrast enhancement and better depth perception, while the amber and orange lens offer the best glare reduction.

Because these colored lenses also increase color distortion, (everything has an amber glow to it) it is not recommended that you drive with glasses that have a blue blocker lens. It may be especially difficult to distinguish the colors of traffic light signals.

A blue blocker lens also helps reduce glare and does not make the world darker - so things do appear more visible because of the brightness. They also provide better contrast.

These stylish lenses from Amazon can be worn over your prescription glasses. Much less bulkier than other brands, yet provide good protection and polarization.

Eagle Eyes FitOns Polarized Sunglasses

Wrap Around Glasses

Wrap around glasses provide protection from the light coming in from the side as well as the front.

You will find that they feel good on your eyes. Blue blocking sunglasses provide great clarity and better contrast.  The lenses do give a yellow tint to your vision so colors are somewhat changed. 

Wrap Around BluBlocker Sunglasses

Eagle Eye Sunglasses

Eagle Eye Sunglasses are blue blocker sunglasses that provide 100% protection from blue light. They can be purchased as fit-over your prescription glasses or as regular sunglasses. Developed by NASA optic technology, the lenses are certified for 100% UVR AND blue-light protection.

blue blocker sunglasses

These lenses are the result of the findings by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory of oil droplets found in the eyes of eagles. The oil droplets block out UV light but also enhance vision. Unlike other sunglasses that work by darkening light exposure, Eagle Eye sunglasses work by filtering out UVA, UVB and blue-light, but allow other light rays in. Colors like green, red, orange and yellow actually help to enhance vision by providing better visual acuity with less eye strain.

Another important feature, is polarized protection. The TriLenium Broad Spectrum Polarization lens reduces glare.

The benefits of Eagle Eye Sunglasses are:

1. 100% UV Protection

2. 100% Blue Light Protection

3. TriLenium Triple Filter Polarization

amber lens in black sunglasses frame

4. Enhanced Contrast

5. Scratch Resistant Coatings

6. Only Sunglasse Lenses Approved by the Space Foundation

7. Does Not Darken

8. Enhances Clarity

9. Reduces Eye Strain and Squinting

Styles are available for men and women.  I now own 3 pairs of Eagle Eye blue blocking sunglasses and wear them all the time. 

They are especially helpful to me in reducing glare when I am in the bright sunlight. My eyes seem to be more relaxed and not as strained. Check them out here at Amazon:

Eagle Eye Blue Blocking Sunglasses

Blue blocker sunglasses not only provide protection to the macula they can actually enhance one's vision by reducing glare and improving contrast and you might find if you wear them in the evening, your sleep may benefit too. 

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