Low Vision Watches

There are so many great looking low vision watches that come with special features like alarms or nightlights. Telling time doesn't need to be frustrating.

If your glasses aren't handy or the light is low, by simply pressing a button the time of day is spoken in a clear voice.

low vision watches

A talking wrist watch is designed to help those with low vision such as macular degeneration know the time and look stylish while doing so. It can also can be helpful when there's no light around or if your glasses aren't handy. A calm and audible voice clearly states what time it is when prompted by the touch of a button.

Determine which vision aid for macular degeneration you prefer - a watch that talks and tells you the time or one with large bold numbers contrasting on a bright white background or both.

Before you make that special purchase let me tell you what some of your options are.

First decide what style you want.

√ Wrist watch,

√ Pocket watch or a

low vision watches

√ Pendant watch which is worn around the neck.

Once you decide on what style you like, think about what features might be most helpful.

√ Analog - Bold, black numbers on a white face or white numbers on a black face

√ Atomic - automatically adjusts the time for daylight savings time or when you go into different time zones

√ Illuminated Dial for low light

√ One touch night light

√ Alarm Feature Alarm can be set to remind you of appointments or to take medications

√ Talking watch that gives the time with a press of a button and/ or chimes on the hour

Don't speak English? Talking watches also come in a variety of languages.

Ladies Talking Wrist Watch

A ladies talking watch provides the time and date by simply pressing a button.

Even in dim lighting or when your not wearing your glasses you can find out what time it is.

If you are looking for a really pretty piece of jewelry that is also functional, this talking watch features both.

You don't have to give up pretty for function.  This ladies watch look's like a ladies watch with a beaded stretch band that's easy to slip on and off.

Large, dark black numbers along with a female voice this low vision watch makes for a perfect gift for someone with macular degeneration.

Ladies Talking Wrist Watch Silver Tone with Deluxe Beaded Band

This watch has a large face with bigger numbers. 

Bold black numbers on a nice white background make it easier to see what time it is.

But if you prefer, just simply press a button and a clear male voice will tell you what time it is.  Two tone attractive band expands so it is easy to slip on and off. 

Go to Amazon to check it out ...

Ladies Talking Watch-Two Tone with Expanse Band

Pendant Low Vision Watches

Some women prefer not to wear a watch, find that the watch does not fit their wrist, or want something more stylish.

low vision watches

The talking watches have larger or wider wrist bands to accommodate a larger face and some women don't like that look. Many older ladies have small wrists and find that most wrist bands are too loose.

A stylish alternative to a talking wrist watch is a ladies talking watch pendant. It's easy to put on and easy to take off and there is no concern as to whether it will fit.

The attractive necklace can be worn with any outfit. Every hour you will get a time announcement. If you like the added feature of an alarm, this watch has that too.

Low vision watches reduce or minimize the frustration of not being able to read your old watch anymore.

Women's Talking Silver-Tone Pendant Day-Date Alarm Watch

Mens Talking Wrist Watch

A large face with big numbers make this men's talking watch easy to see and hear.

Everyone's vision is different - some prefer stark white numbers on a bold black face others a white face and black numbers.

This one chimes on the hour for an easy reminder of what time it is. Also by simply pressing a button a clear male voice will give you the time.

If you want an alarm to go off to remind me to take your pills or to get ready for an appointment, there are three alarm sounds.

Go to Amazon to get this talking watch or to see other choices that are available:

TimeOptics Men's Talking Gold-Tone Day Date Alarm Expansion Bracelet Watch

Make it simple again to tell time. 

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