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An Often Unknown But Not Uncommon AMD Symptom
May 22, 2019

An Often Unknown But Not Uncommon AMD Symptom

My father-in-law has had wet macular degeneration for over 15 years and has lost most of his central vision. In the spring when it started to warm up he would sit outside in his lawn chair, but was startled one day by images of children riding their tricycles in his driveway. Often mothers accompanied the children wearing brightly colored skirts. The visual hallucinations and "visitors" became regular occurrences.

Visual Hallucinations

He began seeing the children every day and several times in one day. Then he began seeing children riding bikes on the side of the road when he was riding in the car.

These visual hallucinations are different from mistaking a telephone pole for a person or a drink coaster for a cookie. They are images of people, animals, and objects that are not there.

Disturbed by these "visions" he knew were not real, he told his wife and then explained his symptoms to his primary care physician who was not familiar with this macular degeneration symptom. Thankfully, we found out about these visual disturbances during a phone conversation and were able to reassure him that this can be a symptom for those with severe vision loss that comes with macular degeneration.

Find out the name of this syndrome, how common it is, who develops it and what can be done to treat it:

Visual Hallucinations - What Do They Mean for Those with Macular Degeneration?

Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

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