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Hands Free Magnifiers for Performing Hobbies, Enlarging Details, and Enjoying Reading Again
December 12, 2023

Hands Free Magnifiers for Performing Hobbies, Enlarging Details, and Enjoying Reading Again

Lighted hands free magnifiers can make all the difference in whether loved ones with macular degeneration continue some of the hobbies they love and enjoy.

These magnifiers come in several designs that magnify, provide light and enhance visibility without requiring the use of ones hands to hold the magnifying lens. Use them for close-up work such as crafting, needlework, or working on small objects whether it's at a desk, a craft table or a garage workshop.

Some of the common types of hands-free magnifiers include:

* Headband Magnifiers

A headband magnifier uses a headband with attached magnifying lenses that can be flipped down in front of the eyes.

* Visor Magnifiers or Magnifying Glasses

The magnifying lenses are attached to a visor that can be worn on the head leaving hands completely free, making them convenient for activities that require the use of both hands. Many come with several lenses of different magnifying powers.

* Neck Magnifiers

Neck magnifiers are worn around the neck like a necklace with the magnifying lens suspended on an adjustable cord. The cord can be adjusted to position the lens at the desired height and distance for optimal magnification. Many people use these type of hands free magnifiers for hand sewing, knitting, cross stiching, crocheting or needlepoint.

* Magnifying Desk Lamp

A magnifying desk lamp allows for hands-free use on a desk, counter, workshop or tabletop. The built-in often adjustable lighting enhances visibility to see fine details.

When choosing a hands-free magnifier, consider factors such as the magnification level, the specific tasks you'll be performing and where you will be enjoying your hobby.

Hands free magnifiers make it possible to continue performing and enjoying detailed tasks, crafts or hobbies.

Go with Hands Free Magnifiers to Continue Enjoying Your Favorite Hobbies and Crafts

Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

Better Health for Better Vision

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