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Are Your Eye Glasses Protecting You from Blue Light?
October 05, 2016

Are Your Eye Glasses Protecting You from Blue Light?

In a recent conversation I had with Gary Morgan, an optometrist in Peoria, AZ, I told him how happy I was with my prescription glasses that were different from any other ones I had worn before. Since I spend hours on the computer everyday, my eyes would often begin to sting and burn and then start watering - all symptoms of computer eye fatigue.

Computer Eye Fatigue

I was due for my annual eye exam and knew I wanted to address my computer eye fatigue symptoms with my optician and discuss what type of lenses would be most helpful. But before I went in to see my eye doctor I checked the Blu-Tech Lenses website to see where I could get these specialized glasses that protect against blue light and reduce computer eye fatigue.

I was pleasantly surprised that my regular eye doctor offered them. I have had my blue light blocking glasses now for almost two years and wear them most of the day, but especially when I am at my computer. My eyes no longer burn or water.

Many people are aware of the damage outdoor blue light can cause to the macula and protect their eyes by wearing blue light blocking sunglasses. Fewer people are aware of inside blue light exposure from computers, TV's, iPads, cell phones, indoor lights, and other electronic devices.

Dr. Morgan shares with us how he and most other retina specialists agree that blue light may be the most damaging light to our retina and what we can do to protect ourselves:

How Blue Light Blocking Glasses Can Benefit You 

Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

Better Health for Better Vision

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