Wet Macular Degeneration and Me

by Carol

I was first diagnosed several years back, left eye only, at the Glaucoma Clinic. The following day I was at the Macular Clinic for scans etc. where it was confirmed and the first injection of Eyelea was given. I had another two appointments booked at six weekly intervals.

I only noticed the symptoms in retrospect, although some had been there for several months. Two instances: My monthly magazine changed it's format and I found it very difficult to read some parts of it. I just got annoyed with the publishers! In fact it was white on coloured backgrounds that I mainly found impossible!

This leads me to my second - I'm a bird-watcher of some degree of knowledge. Suddenly I was mis-identifying common birds and couldn't find other peoples birds (who got increasingly frustrated as they were "straight in front of you!!". Two other symptoms appeared almost immediately: but I'm sure they must have been there before - If I looked at the wall at night (there is a light outside) I could "see" the back hole in my vision. The lines on the vertical blinds were wiggly.

It's been a slow journey; I now have Wet AMD in both eyes. With glasses my vision is OK and I can still legally drive (but don't do much now) which is also hampered by my glaucoma.

BUT I have adjusted.

Grey birds on a grey sea are impossible to find still but I can find my own and other's birds. I've learned to look around where they point as I am looking out of a different part of my eye.

Another of my hobbies is moth identification, I really thought I'd have to give up on that one but again I've adjusted to how I look at them away from the central vision. Very quickly I was doing this automatically.

A good magnifier is an added bonus.
I'm still having 6 to 8-weekly injections, still have some pain after, although it doesn't last long. I have adjusted more than I'd ever imagined I would.

So don't give up: learn to adjust:it will take time but you can do it.
I just wish others would remember I still have a problem with my vision!!

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