Traveling from dry to wet AMD

by Marilyn
(Western MA, USA)

3 days fter I had my cataract out in left eye I experienced a Central Retinal Vision Occlusion with Macular swelling.

My retinal specialist then advised me that I had dry AMD in both eyes. Within 6 months I went from dry to wet in my left eye. My right eye kind of took over for the left but I have begun to notice distortion in the left eye in the past 3 months.

I started with shots of Avastin but did not respond well so I was switched to Eylea which seems to have a better response for me. My time between shots was lengthened from 8 weeks to 10 weeks. But I noticed vision changes so we are back on a 8 week schedule.

If I shut my good eye and look out the left, it is very difficult to see printed material. I am hoping that the right does not go wet but I know it probably will eventually.

I am a former smoker but had quit in my 30's which is well over 43 years ago. I eat a healthy diet and take my AREDS 2 vitamins twice a day. I am grateful for the shots but would be even more grateful to be able to reverse the wet AMD.

I have learned that this diagnosis is like a death in the family; shock, anger and then finally acceptance and realizing that there are far worse things that could have happened.

I am grateful for each day and arise early in the morning so I can see as many sunrises as possible. Clearly my cup is half full and life is wonderful. It was a difficult journey, but with the help of a therapist I have learned things just happen. No rhyme or reason. Just because. I have a great retinal specialist. I also enter as many studies as I can because one day there will be a cure and I hope to be a part of it.

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