The path of one step forward with dry AMD

by Kathy
(San Angelo TX)

About 6 months ago I was diagnosed with intermediate dry AMD. I am 56 years old.

I had the floaters, and now having light sparkles with different light variants. Just this week I started to notice the wavy lines on my computer, (some of the software are in grids and squares.)

The other night I was talking to my husband and the door frame behind him seemed to be wavy. I also noticed at times the walls seem like they are convexed, I keep thinking they are my glasses and my prescription has changed. I keep taking off my glasses thinking this will work, because it comes, it goes, just as the blurry vision.

As an Occupational Therapist I think I should get prepared just in case. I work in pediatrics and I am wondering if this keeps progressing how am I going to work? Or what adaptations will I learn. I live in a small community and low-vision rehab is not close.

I guess the main question we all ask, how long until I loose my central vision?

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Jun 29, 2016
Don't wait
by: BK

Some with AMD respond to the injections. Don't wait until it gets beyond that treatment. Also, are the wavies in both eyes.

I lost central vision in one eye from wet AMD ten years ago. Did not respond to injections, but it may have been too late.

As for the horror of eye injections, it depends on who does it, as far as I can say. The first of mine was done unskillfully, I think, and it was quite shocking. The rest were done in Germany, and they used plenty of anesthetic.

I started on I-Caps then and the good eye has lasted for ten years without a symptom.

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