Sudden Onset Wet AMD

by Michael

I am a male, 73 years old with no previous AMD sypmtoms, in fact, over the past year my vision has improved. At Christmas, 2018, my left eye vision deteriorated rapidly over about five days to the point everything surrounding center point was curved crazily and the center was like looking through a glass of water.

I got into my GP after New Years who quickly sent me to a retina specialist. Expecting cataracts or glaucoma I was shocked at a diagnosis of Wet AMD following about two hours of some serious testing. Then almost panic ensued when the doctor announced he would be right back with an injection of Avastin! Into my eye! He also said these injections would have to continue monthly the rest of my life.

Side effects were few (headaches, nausea, balance) and I began a diet including most meals of fresh fish and vegetables, and AREDS and Fish Oil pills.

Vision continued to improve over a couple of weeks and it seemed the damage already done by the fluids was limited and had dried up.

By the time of my second injection in February, 2019, my insurance company, Anthum Medicare Advantage, told me they would not cover Lucentis, which was estimated to be about $2,000 a month so I was stuck with the cheaper Avastin. I also applied online for a clinical study.

At this time (April, 2019) I have been accepted into the Archway Phase III AMD study and have been receiving great care and Lucentis injections.

I hope I may be able to use this forum to report on my experiences over the next few years and give some hope to others. I have survived Prostate Cancer in past years and riding out the treatment ups and downs requires great motivation to attack the problem. AMD is the same kind of battle.

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