Some good news

by Nance
(Davenport WA)

Four years in now (I am 80) since the left eye hemorrhaged and went overnight from dry to wet MD. Have been getting Lucentis injections for all this period of time and now some vision has returned in the left eye - distorted of course but so thankful I can see again with the eye.

After my annual tests with the dye and scans yesterday my retina specialist said that eye appears to be stabilized and for the first time we are up to 11-12 weeks between injections which was his goal. Happy day.

Now the right eye is not so great. Still changing. Developed wet MD about a year or so ago. Still requires injections every 4-5 weeks and we are hoping for a positive outcome eventually on this one.

I also have cataracts to deal with so kind of a monthly see how it goes visits and shot on that one. There are definitely challenges living with MD but so far have been coping fairly well.

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