So Far, So Good? Wet Macular Degeneration

by Budd Blume

Four years ago, my retinologist in Charlotte, NC, gave me the bad news: I have wet macular degeneration.

I had no idea of the implications, but we went ahead with three injections of Avastin -- so much more affordable than the alternative Lucentis which is six times the price. And it was effective.

A few months later, when I informed the doctor I was retiring to Mexico, he gave gave me three more injections, just for good luck. I was 82 years old.

Three years later, I'm in Oaxaca, in southern Mexico, and my macular degeneration is slowly returning. The left eye has about fifty percent loss of central vision, and the right is beginning.

I connected with a few months ago, and have secured Dan Roberts book,The First Year: Age-Related Macular Degeneration: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed
and have ordered a magnifying floor lamp.
Much imagination and resourcefulness must be employed to get mail-ordered goods from the US!

I had been reading with a magnifying glass for several years. I have contacted two other AMD patients here, and through them, a qualified ophthalmologist! The one I had been seeing here was hopeless.

Ahh, lfe in the Third World. I'm on a regimen of Preservision, lutein, zinc, and "z" (my meds are upstairs!).

My vision is temporarily stable. But no driving (signs are a problem). My wife and I sold both of our motorcycles, and bought a car. She drives. Rats. has been a wonderful source of support. I'm grateful for Leslie's work. Muchas gracias!

Budd Blume. Oaxaca, Mexico


Hi Budd,

Thanks for sharing with us. I bet the "z" you were referring to is the other antioxidant found in the macular pigment - zeaxanthin. No wonder you couldn't spell it - try pronouncing it :)

While the lutein is concentrated mostly in the rod cells of the retina, the cone cells, which are responsible for detailed central vision, have a high concentration of zeaxanthin.

Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

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