Saw Wavy Lines

by Don
(Rapid City, South Dakota)

I posted my story about seeing wavy lines at work about a year and a half ago. Since then I have been diagnosted with intermediate stage dry AMD in both eyes (first they thought it might be the wet form in one eye).

My vision since then has started to slip a little in that one eye which is blury most of the time and I seem to need more light to read by.

I am taking AREDS 2 eye vitamins, improved my diet and have scheduled annual visits to a specialist. I just got new glasses and won't see the specialist for another 10 months. My new glasses came with sun darkening transition lenses. My question is, are these types of transition lenses the best protection against further progression of dry macular degeneration?

If not, what do you recommend - I work outside in the bright sun most of the year. Thanks.


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Jul 28, 2016
Response to Don from Rapid City
by: Anonymous

Hi Don,

I have a post titled, my blue eyes on this site. I am 62 years old with dry AMD. I wear sun glasses all the time and would like to make suggestions.
I wear fit overs from the Jonathan Paul line and also Cocoons with an amber lens..

Both of theses companies can provide the information you need in regards to blue light protection and UV. Darker the lens is not necessarily the best.

I know nothing about the type of sunglasses you are asking about but these companies seem to be informative and may be able to help.

I love this site. Easy to ask questions.

I also follow a group on FB called
my macular degeneration journey/al
You can also find me there. Sharon Hynes from Chicago.

Jul 22, 2016
Tinted Glasses
by: Anonymous

I wearsun glasses that wrap around so no light gets in from the sides. I think they were given to me after cataract surgery. I can see pretty well when I walk into a store. No need to jerk them off unless it's a restaurant that is on the dark side.

I had my regular glasses tinted with something that is supposed to keep the blue light from computers, etc from damaging my eyes.

Not sure you can really prevent dry macular degeneration from continuing to distort, etc. Supplements are supposed to help, but no guarantee. I go for nutritious foods that contain the suggested vitamins. Doctors say my vision hasn't changed. :-))

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