Recently Diagnosed with Wet Macular Degeneration

by Christina

I am 71 years old. Drusen were first discovered on a routine eye exam in my mid 40's and have been monitored ever since. They didn't affect my vision and except for paying for an extra eye exam to monitor their growth over the years, didn't cause me any concern. I was much too busy working full time running a family business, looking after 2 teens, plus the home!

When I retired, my passion for sewing in my spare time, took off and became hectic. I took commissions for replicating peoples homes, vintage vehicles, etc in fabric on cushions - very intricate and exacting work.

Approximately, 6 months ago, I became aware of having some difficulty in getting a 'prospective' on my sewing work - very difficult to describe. Then during a holiday in June, when I was navigating, I realised 'road signs' of 2 or 3 lines of text, merged into one and were illegible, until getting very close when the lines would separate out, becoming the 2 or 3 lines they really were, and I could read it!

I also became aware one night in bed, that looking up at the ceiling in the low light, I could 'see' a black 'irregular splodge' on the ceiling! It quickly became obvious, the 'sploge' was within my eye.

Worried, I consulted my optician for an eye test. The 'sploge' turned out to be a small bleed within my right eye and I was referred to a specialist hospital a few weeks later. Following an Angiography and other tests, I was diagnosed with Dry MD in both eyes. 8 weeks later, a routine follow up examination changed this diagnoses to Dry MD in the left eye and Wet MD, plus the small bleed ongoing, in the Right eye. In addition, possible recent onset early choroidal neovascular membrane.

I have stopped sewing as it became too difficult and tiring to maintain the high standard I pride myself on.

I have always been a very independent person, loved to travel and considered by my family and friends as a competent driver, having driven for my work in the UK and on vacations in Spain, France and the USA, I now find I am hesitant to drive, preferring my husband to take the lead.

I loved sewing and art - painting and drawing. I am fit and active and loved to walk my dogs - 5 miles in the mornings - 8 miles on summer days. I now wonder what is in store for me.

I have another 'review' in 4 months time, when I presume 'options' will be discussed. Not sure how soon, or how badly affected, my eyesight will be, which is difficult.

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