Recently Diagnosed with Dry AMD and having trouble with my eyeglass RX

by Peter
(Rocky Hill, NJ, USA)

I was first diagnosed with drusen six years ago and in April of this year during my eye exam the optometrist recommended seeing my retinal specialist.

He diagnosed me with early dry AMD and I have a follow-up visit in early August. While getting new glasses and lenses for my Oakley wraparound sunglasses, I had a lot of trouble getting my progressive prescription working correctly.

My Opthamologist said this was not an AMD issue, but a refraction issue, but after the last adjustment my Oakleys still don't feel right. Has anyone had any like issues, in general, or with Oakleys or wraparounds in particular?

I am also wondering if this is the "beginning of the beginning" of the progression of AMD. Any thoughts or advice? Thanks.


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