Never will give up.

by Judy

I was diagnosed with dry macular degeneration about ten years ago. All the doctor said was that I had it and that I should take vitamins for my eyes. He was vague. Because my mother had had it and didn’t complain of vision loss or anything, I didn’t think anymore about it.

I didn’t find out you could lose your central vision until years later. My doctor said that I have a lot of drusen which meant it wasn’t good.. I noticed over the years my vision was getting worse and worse. I wondered why new eyeglasses didn’t help.

Then about a year ago I noticed that I couldn’t see faces when neighbors came out in their yard. Now I can’t see faces very clear that are about four feet away. I’m researching constantly looking for new treatments. The idea of going blind scares me so bad.

I also have glaucoma. I have a lot of periferal vision loss from that. I thank God that I have my God to answer my prayers. His answer may or may not be what I want but I know it will be best.
God bless. All of you who are dealing with AMD.

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