My Nightmare that Came True

In a matter of 10 days I could no longer see clearly and everything was distorted, fuzzy and blurry. I could no longer wear my contacts.

I was also seeing thing as something that they weren't. I immediately saw my Dr and he sent me to a retina specialist.

My fear was confirmed as I had wet in one eye and dry the other. He gave me a shot of Avastin and I am hoping my eyes improve as I will have a shot in my eye every 4 wks.

I am scared silly for my future. I am 72 with no prior history of such.

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Jul 15, 2014
A nightmare that can be managed
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for your nightmare. My mother is the one with the macular degeneration and why I come to this page for information. She has dry AMD and has had it for 38 yrs. She did well with it for 35 yrs, and only the last 3 have been difficult for her, but she can still see well enough to read some and watch TV. She sees better outside but gets around inside well enough to do her own cooking and caring for herself. And she is 88 now.

There is a condition called Charles Bonnet Syndrome which can cause what you describe as your eyes playing tricks on you. The eyes sometimes "see" things the way they used to see things. My mother has this occasionally and sees people coming out of her neighbors house, when there really is no one there at all. I don't tell you this to scare you, but to let you know that this does happen and you are not alone.

Please ask you retina specialist about this and any other concerns you have. It sounds like you are under some good care. He may recommend some good eye vitamins for you which help nourish the retina.

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