My Journey With Dry AMD

In December 2014 I was diagnosed with dry AMD. My life changed forever. Up until then I was saying, "It's not bad, turning 70." Now, at 71, I felt that I had received WORSE than a death sentence !

I was filled with fear and rage.
Fear for obvious reasons.
But rage because for years I had been taking lutein and anti-oxidants a -precisely so as NOT to get AMD. My eyes were ALWAYS my first priority.

I was outraged to find that there was no medication and no treatment to prevent the progress of the disease except AREDS 2 . I had been taking all its ingredients for years except 50 mg. of Zinc. I was taking only 15 mg . So I increasd my zinc intake to 50 mg.

I also started eating at least one serving of fish or shrimp daily.
I added kale and spinach to my diet.

I read that in Chinese medicine AMD is linked to a bad liver. I do have a bad liver as I had jaundice three times while in Asia. I am sure I have a damaged liver. So I have started taking herbs and supplements for my liver, goji berries, milk thistle, liver detox tea, chrysanthemum tea, taurine,COQ10, and have increased my intake of Lutein to 40 mg.

So far there are no symptoms, thank God. I am a self-employed piano teacher with no other source of income and no family.
Please pray for me.

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