My Journey with Bad Eyes

by Wendy
(Las Vegas )

Did not realize people could see blades of grass or bark on a tree until my sixth grade teacher realized I could not see the blackboard. When I got my first pair of glasses I could not believe how different the world was.

Fast forward to the seventies when my nearsightedness started getting worse and my eye Dr could not figure out why my corneas were bulging out. He had me wear tight contacts in hopes of pushing them back, which never happened and never would because it was the beginning of an eye disease where the cornea thins out and I would not be diagnosed with this until twenty years later! Which by then my vision had deteriorated so much I could not even see traffic lights changing.

I was wearing two contacts in each eye and it still could not see. Was referred to an eye surgeon who was a pioneer in his field doing corneal transplants. By then I was legally blind, so when a cornea was shipped in I was immediately taken to surgery and had it put in one eye, ( also had cataracts pretty bad so they removed that. Waited three months for my next donor and had my other eye done. This was like getting glasses for the first time again! My vision was so good I didn't need contacts or glasses for ten years.

Then my vision started getting bad again gradually. Fast forward to this year, My good eye was getting a little fuzzy, like other people I thought it was my glasses, then someone told me to take the grid test and the line

in the corner was just a little wavy.

I made an appointment with my ophthalmologist and he said I might want to see a Retinal doctor but I could not get in for several weeks. My left eye changed overnight. Everything was wavy, distorted and a black cloud coming in and out, I was freaking out.

A friend of mine had macular degeneration and is always dreading the shots she gets once a month and I was sure I had that. Finally I got in and was diagnosed with myopic degeneration in my left eye, which was my good eye. My other eye was fine. He scheduled me for a shot of Avastin the following week. So far I have seen no improvement and this distortion really plays with your mind.

It is so hard to watch TV or read, even though I have a good eye, the bad one keeps jumping in. I'm about ready to put a pirates patch over it! Another bummer is I have been bodybuilding for thirty years and have been told it puts too much pressure on your eyes, so that is out.

I have been legally blind before but this is different . I can handle blurry but this waviness and distortion for me is really hard to cope with. I still haven't accepted this because there is no cure so right now I am very depressed. Maybe the second or third shot will help a little but I am having a hard time keeping my hope up. It has been a week and I am receiving my second one in a month so will update on that.

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Aug 03, 2016
Body Building
by: Anonymous

Going through the difficult eye problems you are experiencing and having to give up a the long time hobby of body building just adds to your woes. I would have another talk with your doctor concerning exercise. Holding your breath while doing low reps with heavy weights will jack your blood pressure way up. However, if you drop the weight so you can do 12 - 20 reps and breath evenly I would not expect to see appreciable rises in your blood pressure. Just don't make the extreme effort to crank out the last few reps. Stick with body weight training and aerobic and you should be fine.

However, I am a personal trainer and NOT a doctor so please discuss this FIRST with your doctor.

Jun 29, 2016
One eye left
by: Anonymous

I read your story as one of great fortitude, and one who appreciates sight to a high degree.

My left eye has been dysfunctional except on the periphery for about 10 years. I'm hanging on with the right but understand how the combination makes the world seem like an unsolved jigsaw puzzle at times.

I wish you good luck.

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