My Challenge - Wet Macular Degeneration

by Dr.J.P. Verma
(New Delhi,India)

I am a doctor of Medicine,Consultant Physician in Chest Diseases practicing in New Delhi India.

My age is 66 yrs. I was diagnosed as a case of wet macular degeneration and treated accordingly, like injections of Avastin, Lucentis, and finally photodynamic therapy (PDT) by a Retina specialist.

My disease progression became slow. I was not satisfied by various therapies. It was sad for me but than I took it as a challenge

I decided to focus on two aspects:

(1) Good diet, Antioxidants, Zinc and copper supplements and other trace elements

(2) Good eye exercises

(3) Positive attitude towards life and disease.

Interestingly I improved a lot and I am feeling much better, even my Retina specialist is surprised.

Though it's a topic to debate and further work up, I being a doctor have decided to conquer the disease

I am working on it. I can say at present is that the day is not far when we can have very good results in fighting wet age related macular degeneration.

Dr.J.P.Verma,New Delhi, India

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My Journey To Date with Wet Macular Degeneration

by Nance Nicholls
(Davenport, WA USA )

It has been a year and a half since I woke up one morning - looked in the mirror that morning and realized I could see nothing at all but black in my left eye.

The vision had been getting cloudier and I had an appointment the following week with the eye clinic. For years I had been having an annual exam and knew that I did have dry macular degeneration starting.

No one told me it could change overnight to the wet version. Needless to say I freaked out and immediately called the eye clinic and they said come in - NOW.

I was referred to a retina doctor instead of the O.D. I had planned on seeing. I was afraid that was the total end of my sight in that eye.

My doctor told me not necessarily. He explained the Lucentis injections to me and I received my first one that day.

First month - no change noticed. Second shot - I had hope. I could see a tiny bit of light. Well, as the shots progressed by the end of the year I think I was his star pupil. I have regained so much vision it is like a miracle. No - it isn't perfect vision but I even have regained some of the central vision and now have just a dark portion that I can handle. Lucentis has been a life changing injection for me.

I am 76 and want to be able to live independently for many years yet. I don't think that would have been possible with the dramatic loss of vision I had before the injections started. I do have the dry version in the right eye and that is being carefully monitored also.

If only this had been available sooner I would not have had to watch my father struggle for so many years until he became legaly blind. I really appreciate this site as it provides me with so much helpful information!

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