Macular Dystrophy at 31 Years Old

by Daniel

Hello everyone, my name is Daniel.

I first notice that something was wrong about 2.5 years ago, when going surfing I notice that if I looked into the ocean, the fence next to me seemed to bend.

It would go back to normality when I looked straight at it. I started noticing these bends in straight things and mentioned it to my opthalomologist when I went in to replace lost glasses about 1.5 years ago.

He told me to re do the Amsler Grid once i had my glasses and go back to him if the distorsion was still present with my glasses.

It took me another year before I went back to him, when I lost my glasses again.

By then I had self diagnosed myself with AMD, and the ophthalmologist was surprised to confirm my diagnosis.

He sent me to a specialist who made many different cool tests. I was diagnosed with a macular dystrophy and unable to give me a more specific response, even after doing all the tests.

This happened in the last four months. In this time, my vision has deteriorated significantly, from just noticing it in the Amsler Grid as little, one square bend, to full on wavy lines and different perceived depths.

I could notice it as I read, with lines being wavy too when I closed one eye. The strange thing is that is not at the centre of my vision but on the sides, on multiple areas.

Unfortunately, in the last couple of days I have started to notice this happening even with both eyes open. I'm staring at the Amsler grid at the moment and I can see some of the lines blurry and weird in the lower right quadrant.

I wonder though, if the rapid progression that has ocurred since I'm aware of having a macular dystrophy has happened because I know about it now.

Am I causing it, with my own fear and negative thoughts? I'm sure that I can cure myself by being in peace with my mind and body. Does anyone agree?

It might also have to do with my diet, going from a healthy diet living in Australia, to a highly fatty, msg full and unhealthy eating in Philippines, where I'm living as a volunteer for the next two years.

And does anyone has had similar experiences? if so, I would love to hear about it, as it seems to be changing very rapidly in the last two months.

Peace and love to everyone.

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Oct 06, 2010
by: bmiq

My wife is also suffering from the age related wet AMD. Centre vision of left eye had gone before it was diagnosed.

The Doc immediately started giving Avastin injections once a month to prevent its spread. As a result, her side vision of affected eye has improved little bit.

Has your Doc not advised these injections to you? You can ask him because this treatment is being widely used these days for this problem.

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