Just starting this journey

by Diane
(Hidden Valley Lake, Ca)

I had a DNA test that said I have a genetic risk factor from both parents. My mother had the dry form of macular degeneration. The last couple of months I have noticed when I wake up in the morning almost a circle of a grey/blackish shadow is directly in the center of my field of vision.

It shows up when I look at the ceiling or walls. However this morning I opened my eyes and there was a black area right in center of my vision with almost tangled looking edges around it. Oh crap. I know that’s bad. I got up and googled, and found pictures with that same ‘black dot’ ( for lack of a better discription.) It said wet is more progressive then dry. I have already called and made an appointment for next Tuesday. I am scared silly. Any information from anyone going thru this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Diane

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May 06, 2018
Take It Easy
by: bkerr

Very scary at first, but eventually you work it into your life. It's not blindness and one eye works well.

My left eye has been kaput for 9 years. The "vitamins" might be the reason why the right eye is still normal.

The injections do help some people. It sounds like a horror story to get them, but the drops make you impervious. Usually, just one overnight and the irritation goes away.

Just make sure you know if a curb is coming up, and take special care in pouring the wine.

Good luck.

May 05, 2018
Good food and vitamins
by: Sue

My mother has had AMD for many years. She kept things good for a long time by eating good foods to help the eyes and taking her eye vitamins as advised by her doctor.

She has had the dry form for about 40 plus years (early onset) and it wasn’t until she was 85 that she had to give up driving. She is 92 now. Still in dry form. Don’t panic and try to avoid too much stress. (I know - easier said than done). Wishing you the best on this journey.

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