I have AMD at the Young Age of 48

by Deeo
(New York, NY)

I am 48 years old man from New York area. I experienced some discomfort in my right eye for last 2 weeks and randomly tested my vision with one eye at a time. To my surprise, all horizontal lines looked like they were curved up and vision had a very slight blur. I went to see an ophthalmologist who did all tests and showed me on the screen that I have AMD in both eyes. More severe in the right eye and it is smack in the middle of the eye.

The left eye it is to the side so the vision is not affected yet. I have a prescription of Spherical -3.25 in left and -4.00 in the right eye. My right eye has pain/ache. I am really concerned. I am an avid Golf and Tennis player and feel like I will soon not be able to play. I am also an armed law enforcement officer and that means I will have to give up my firearm and take up a desk job. Please give me some feedback about the progression of AMD. Your help is much appreciated.


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