I am one of the lucky ones

by Carole Stone
(Barrington NH)

I will be 84 in May 2023. In my mid fifties my optometrist noticed some drusen on my macular and told me he was losing me as a patient and recommended I see an Ophthalmologist.

For quite a few years I was seeing my doctor twice a year with little change in my vision. I do take a vision supplement (not the Areds formular because I think it has too much zinc in it) and try to eat a lot a leafy greens.

Actually, the last couple of years I only go annually, and I still have my central vision. I use the Amsler Grid mostly every day to make sure my dry ARMD is not changing to the wet one. So for almost 30 years I have been very fortunate, and my doctor is optimistic that I will continue doing this well. I only wish more people have such good results.

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