I am 38 Years Old and Just diagnosed with Wet Macular Degeneration.

by Erin
(Illinois )

I noticed a wet spot or a dip in my vision so I went to my eye Dr. Then I went to the specialist and got diagnosed with my first injection on the same day. It was awful. Not expected. I'm kinda scared at how this will progress since I am young. I have 2 girls and am fiercely independent. Please tell me what experience you have all had. How long does it take to progress?? Any support would help me. Thanks!

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Jul 10, 2017
Lots of information available
by: Rosemary

Any health change is upsetting but having information always helps me get over that. There is no way my experience will be specifically helpful cause I was 75 when I was diagnosed with Wet MD in my left eye. I have dry MD in both but so far my right is perfectly fine so I can drive, read, and do anything requiring good vision because my clever brain ignores the "bad" eye. I was heartened to learn in my readings that I will never be completely blind even if my good eye succumbs.

I recently read a story about a young woman who became completely blind and THEN took up cooking so well that she won a national prize at it. That type of story always gives me hope.

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