Have drusen, possible MD in left eye

by Richard R.
(Monroe Township, NJ)

Opthalmologist saw scattered small drusen in at least one eye, possibly both. (As I use cochlear implants and the doctor is soft spoken, it was difficult to make out the words. My dad picked them up and relayed then to me.) He recommended a retina specialist.

Okay, no problem, I thought - after all, drusen alone was not necessarily AMD. However, we made an appointment for January 5th anyhow.

As reading and writing are my primary means of communication, and my job is quite visual in many ways, central vision is obviously important.

So it was obviously a great concern when, a couple of nights ago, I did a couple of Amsler grids on both eyes and noticed distortion in the lower right side and on the bottom right, particularly when moving my eye. (This was my left eye. No symptoms in my right.) The distortion appears to be of the wavy line type rather than the blur or blank spot type. Interestingly enough, I did Amsler grids a few weeks ago (or was it a month or two?) And noticed some distortion on the bottom right when doing it with left eye. I dismissed it or of hand at the time as I was supposed to be holding it at 14 inches distance, and when I did that and held still, I didn't see any distortion. The same was true this time around.

So it took multiple self exams with my left eye to determine that, indeed, there were some distortions on the edge of my vision in left eye and that they were not an artifact of my glasses. So far I have bought a version of what is essentially Macushield from Puritans pride, figuring it might help, but I'm concerned that I might have wet MD in eye and thus require some sort of injection. Am freaking out. Should I?

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Feb 13, 2017
Macular Drusen
by: Anonymous

I would go and see the retinal specialist first. They are the doctors who can put you on the right treatment (if needed).
Do not worry if you have to have the injections, as the thought of them is worse than the procedure.

Jan 27, 2017
Getting better
by: Anonymous

Hi. I've had three injections so far of the cheaper medication and it's getting better. I'm still having trouble with the stinging afterward, though. I think it might be the Betadine. I bought some eye wash and will ask my doc whether I can use that at home the day/night of the injection. The little bitty drops from dry-eye solution containers just don't help much.

Jan 07, 2017
Retinal Ophthalmologist Will Help
by: Rosemary Woodel

My own story sounds something like yours. My optometrist referred me to a retinal ophthalmologist, whom I saw the very next day. Had some very fancy pictures taken of the inside of both eyes.

I already knew about the dry AMD in both eyes (which had not weakened my vision in 5 years). But the wavy lines in the left quadrant and gray circle in the center of my left eye were new.

It did turn out to be wet AMD. I was in shock at first. But the shot of medicine in my eye helped a lot. I have had two so far and will have another one soon.

All this is a new situation for me to evaluate and make decisions about. I am 75 and retired but things that matter to me (like photography) require some visual acuity. I am reading up on how technology can help me in the future if this condition worsens.

I urge you to see a retinal ophthalmologist to get answers to your questions and improvement in your condition. Knowledge helps.

Jan 07, 2017
Macular Degeneration Injections
by: margaret

First of all let's talk about the injections. The scariest part is the thinking about it beforehand. The injection itself is fine. I have had 12 so far, as I have wet AMD. They have definitely helped. Also you may not have the wet AMD but the dry one. The supplements you are taking seem fine, as they are recommended in the magazine that I receive from this site.
How is the colour vision in the eye? I started with dry AMD in 1999 and my colour vision was greyscale. I found some simple chinese facial exercises on the web and they have helped bring the colour back to the eye.

As I have wet AMD in my right eye now for 2 years I have been receiving the Lucentis Injections and on Monday I shall be getting my new lenses (spectacles) for that eye.

I think it's the first time in I don't remember how many years that I am getting them (the optician said there was no point in changing the lenses when I had the dry AMD) so hopefully there is a difference.

Try not to worry,(I know it's easier said than done). I shall update you on the new glasses. Just checked and it's 17 years since the last time I had new lenses for the right eye.

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