Grateful for Macular Degeneration Detection and Treatment

by Judy
(Louisville, Kentucky)

I am 76 years old, and ten or so years ago I was diagnosed with bilateral AMD, which remained stable until this past summer.

While traveling in Italy, I realized that vertical lines (door frames, floor tiles, etc.) appeared wavy. My distant vision was also suspect, as I sometimes failed to see distant objects pointed out by my companion. Having faithfully used the Amsler grid as a measurement of my AMD status, I suspected these changes were related to progression of the condition.

Foolishly, I continued my trip, and failed to see my ophthalmologist until about three weeks after the onset of these symptoms. He referred me immediately to a retinologist for treatment for what had become wet AMD in my right eye. At that time the vision in that eye was 20/200, or legally blind.

A month after my first injection of Lucentis the vision improved to 20/100, and my retinologist suggested it might improve a bit more. He further assured me that, so long ss I continue these injections, the vision in the affected eye should remain stable, once we've attained maximum benefit from the injections.

The left eye is of concern,of course, and I'm now using the Foresee home monitoring device which daily measures the status of the left eye and reports to my retinologist immediately if there is significant change. Medicare pays for this device, which is linked to my Wi-Fi. If you don't know about this means of monitoring your dry AMD, you might want to google it.

Shots are painful, and the hours following the injection are quite uncomfortable, but worth the pain, given my positive results.

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