Distortion with Dry AMD - Scarring caused by my having had wet that reverted back to dry

by Michelle
(United Kingdom)

I have dry macular degeneration which has caused me problems with light sensitivity and glare. Three years ago I noticed a slight waviness to lines and went to the eye hospital. I had always been told to go to the hospital if I saw any changes in my vision and the Amsler grid.

The hospital told me that yes there was some distortion and I had done the right thing coming into the hospital and if I saw any changes to always go to the hospital. About four months ago I noticed that door and window frames looked distorted and went back to the hospital and was told again that yes I had distortion but as I had dry AMD there was nothing that could be done.

At my last appointment I was told that my condition had stabilized but I said I didn't think it had. The distortions have got worse, peoples' faces and legs look wonky, every surface looks wonky. I was told that I had scarring and I thought scarring and distortion were signs of wet AMD but after further tests I have been told that there is no treatment for dry AMD. I asked what was the cause of the scarring and was told I had probably had wet that had reverted back to dry and I will get used to the distortions. I am not getting used to it, I don't know how I get used to seeing everything looking wonky. I know that I should be grateful I still have my sight but I get very depressed about this horrible, horrible condition.

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Nov 28, 2017
Seeing Wonky Stuff
by: Anonymous

You just have to laugh, honey. Sometimes I see raindrops that are not there. Love your wonky description. Better than syndrome.

I am having the same problems. The optomitrist (doctor of) told me I had scarring. My retinal specialist didn't. I noticed the blind spot way before it went wet. I read about it in a book Dan Roberts wrote. I had already experienced having a car pass me that I did not see and music notes that went missing.

I haven't been to the theatre or symphony in years because if they lower the lights after I come inside, I can't see anything for a number of minutes. Can't see where the stairs begin and end, either.

But I can still knit, with strong light. I'm not done yet. So. I'm knitting scarves for my family and some for charity. I turned 82 last September. When I wake up and know who I am, I think this is going to be a good day.

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