Diagnosed with Wet AMD this month

by Rosemary

I was sent to retinal ophthalmologist the day I was seen by my optometrist, who said I needed to be seen ASAP but did not give me a diagnosis.

Spent 4 hours being photographed in both eyes. Then got a shot in my left eye. It stung a lot the rest of that day. After waking up the next morning, though, there was no pain. I notice improvement in my central vision but the wavy lines are still there in the bottom left area. And I'm being followed by fruit flies (really floaters).

I am likely to have another shot in mid-December, he said.

Since I already had dry AMD in both eyes (progressing slowly) I was distressed to have the wet kind come up. I am 75 and in overall excellent health. Very active. Do a lot of hiking and exercising.

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Jan 27, 2017
Eye Injections and Eye Vitamins
by: Anonymous

Hi. I have two friends who have had wet AMD for years and years. Both went thru a period when their customary injection medicine didn't work so they were switched to another one, which did.

I take AREDS 2 which has been recommended by both my optometrist and retinal ophthalmologist.

Dec 17, 2016
Dear Rosemary

Have had wet MD for 7 years in left eye only. Injections did not work.

I haven't missed a day taking I Caps and the right eye works well. I Caps, or some version of the same, is apparently the only known preventative.

Life goes on and most of the trouble comes from what might happen, not what does happen.

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