Computer Aids for Low Vision

by Rene
(Joburg, South Africa)

I am surprised not to find a topic on "computer-aids" for low vision on an internet site which is dedicated to macular degeneration. These days there are many tools available on the computer which enhance the possiblility of communication and even work so much.

I have been working with computers since 1974 and that is probably why it is a topic of interest to me. I think I am aware of a lot of the visual aids by now, but I am still searching for new ideas. But I am convinced that most AMD sufferers will not know what is available to them:

Microsoft Windows has built in several tools (called accesssability) which allow you to adapt your standard MS software for low vision:
- magnifier lens
- contrast settings
- screen resolution
- colour invert
- high contrast theme
- text-to-speech (reading the text on the screen out loud)

Then there is of couse also the extra hardware one can buy. This could be:

- extra large monitors: from 18 inch up
- connection of the PC to the TV allows you to use the (larger) TV monitor as an internet screen.
- better keyboard (with clearer keys) if you have not learned to touch-type.

There are several softwares available (at cost or free) which allow for (also in non-English languages):

voice command

And lately there must be several applications available on the Ipad and Tablet.

I would like to see entries here where people can
- list available aids
- share their experiences
- suggest what they would like to "see", so that one can investigate ways of making it work.


Thank you Renee. That is a great suggestion if anyone has a computer aid that has helped them, just post your comments here.

There is a page on computer low vision aids on the website:

Computer Low Vision Aids

Kind Regards,

Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

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Nov 08, 2011
Magnifyer Mouse
by: Bill Roudebush

The Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 3000, obtainable for $8.75 from Amazon is a very useful computer accessory.

It turns the magnifier off and on with the click of a button on the side. The lens is easily re-sizable using the mouse only.

Benefit per dollar, this is the best computer visual aide I have found. Thanks for your post. I think you have a good idea, sharing computer aides.

Nov 08, 2011
Hands Free Texting
by: Anonymous

I saw this site but didn't get it because I don't text.

I saw it on the Clark Howard website and he only puts out legitimate items

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