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Aug 01, 2013
Still Free of Charles Bonnet
by: Don Lummus


The comment was written by me. I amw 27 months since my last surgery and Charles Bonnet Syndrome.

On occasion the images will try and return but I am determined it is self inflicted and I continue to tell myself "GO AWAY AND DO NOT RETURN".

Your mother is not crazy. Today I am grateful for the PC to continue to help me through this syndrome.

If it works for your mother please let everyone know.


Jul 23, 2013
My Dad Has This Too!
by: Kristine Coronado

My father is experiencing this too and is feeling just like your father-in-law. He would like to be in touch with others who have this. Have you found a support system of people who have this for your father-in-law?


My father-in-law doesn't belong to an AMD support group. However, he started asking some of his elderly friends who have AMD about seeing things that aren't there, and was surprised by how several of them also had visual hallucinations - one friend who was a quilter, often saw detailed quilts on walls. He found some comfort in knowing that it wasn't any kind of mental or brain disorder. Eventually his went away.

Jun 18, 2012
My Experience with Charles Bonnet Syndrome
by: Don

I have had dry macular degeneration in both eyes and legally blind since 2001. My first experience with Charles Bonnet Syndrome was when I was at the Mayo clinic in Rochester, MN having open heart surgery.

The surgery went fine and the images began. I would blink and they would disappear. The walls, ceiling, bed and everything else in the room looked like patchwork quilts.

I could not even make out the people in the room. I closed my eyes to make it stop. Some days were worse than others.

Over the years it became less severe and I thought it was cured. In 2011 I again went under the knife for another valve replacement and the images returned. Weird images. People places & things with the bright colors. After being released I came home and found the images came home too.

I felt that the images were brain generated and I needed to refresh my brain with different images. I went to my computer and brought up the Internet and begin surfing the web. I did this when the images began and they would go away while on the computer.

This was in June 2011. I also told these images to go away and never return.

I have been Charles Bonnet Syndrome free for a year. No more images.


Thanks Don for sharing your story and your proactive approach in helping to get rid of your visual images. To find out more about Charles Bonnet Syndrome and ways to deal with symptoms of seeing images that are not really there go to:

Charles Bonnet Syndrome

Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

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