Black spots in my vision?

by Duke

Hello to all!
My name is Duke. I'm 71 years old. About 5 years ago I started seeing dark spots in my vision, it started showing up mostly at
night either when driving or in my dark bedroom. I saw a retinra
care doctor a couple times. They thought I had a rare form of Macular Degeneration. That was about 3 year ago, talk of possible shots in my eye kept me away.

Now my vision has taken a turn for the worse. Spots in my eyes are black, can't see through them in my bedroom at night. Spots appear about the size of a quarter and if I project them out to look at the half round top of my bedroom window, that is about 4 feet across with street lights shinning through, I can't see it at all! So the greater distance of projection the larger the spots.

While watching a TV in a dark room it's like looking through a dark tunnel to the light. Before my eyes took a turn for the worse, I couldn't see the spots in a lighted room, now if I'm looking at a white surface I see them.

I also have more problems seeing in low light areas. During the day in light or in well lit rooms, I see fine, spots are not noticeable.
If you have AMD,do your spots go away in the daylight? Does this all sound like AMD?
My Doctor did not sound like he was sure what I had and is not the kind of doctor who has the time to listen or find out for sure.
Any info will be helpful and appreciated!
Thank You

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