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Task or Near Vision Lighting
September 21, 2018

Task or Near Vision Lighting

During one of our visits to my father-in-law who has wet macular degeneration, I noticed him struggling to read while sitting next to a table lamp. While it was a nice looking lamp it could not adjust, bend or direct the lighting to his reading material. No wonder he was struggling with reading his bills and going through the mail. It is not uncommon for those with macular degeneration (AMD) to struggle with near vision tasks, hobbies or reading because of poor lighting.

More Light and Better Light

Those with macular degeneration need more light and better light especially for near vision or close up tasks. Some low vision specialists say that AMD patients need four times the amount of light as do those with normal vision. Proper task lighting will make everything you do so much easier with better clarity and visibility. The two most important considerations to illuminate your tasks are:

1. Proper Positioning

Use a desk lamp that has an adjustable swing arm or a gooseneck so that it can be positioned with the light being directed onto the reading material or hobby. The closer the light source to the task the better the illumination. Peggy Wolfe the author of Macular Disease: Practical Strategies for Living with Vision Loss suggests, "Place task lamps to your side to avoid reflected glare from your work surface."

2. Better Lighting

There are several different types of lighting, but many people with AMD prefer the brightness of a halogen bulb. It has a long bulb lifespan and produces whiter and brighter light. However, the bulbs burn hotter than other bulbs and can produce intense heat. Halogen bulbs can enhance contrast for some users.

For more ideas on how to improve lighting in your home visit:

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Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

Better Health for Better Vision

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