Tips to Reduce Computer Eye Strain

Sometimes on my way home from work I notice that I have trouble focusing, my eyes feel really tired, they begin to burn and then start watering. Fortunately I'm riding on a train and not driving a car - because when my eyes start to water, they really burn and I just have to close them for a couple of minutes to get relief.

Computer/Video Monitor Eye Fatigue

I spend many hours looking at a computer screen at work and this constant close up vision leads to symptoms like the ones I mentioned above. Other computer eye fatigue symptoms include headaches, dry eyes, blurred vision, and irritated or red eyes.
I am not alone in experiencing this computer eye fatigue. My husband's job also involves many hours of writing and creating detailed reports and although he doesn't experience the burning and watery eyes that I do, his eyes get red, dry and irritated.
Did you know that computer eye fatigue has become so prevalent that it now has been given the name of Computer Vision Syndrome? Of course it's not just the result of long hours on a computer - it can be any video screen - such as a CCTV. It's the strain of constant, focused close up vision that stresses the eyes.
Using our eyes for distance vision - like looking at a building that sits across the street or at a tree that is in full bloom - doesnt' strain our vision. That's why it is important to take frequent breaks from any extended time of close up vision. Get up from your computer or video monitor and move around. At lunch go for a walk instead of checking your e-mail.
If you are experiencing any of these symptoms of computer eye fatigue reduce the amount of time you spend at the computer or video monitor. Listen to the news rather than read it on the computer.

Other helpful tips are to take frequent breaks, perform eye exercises such as palming and adjust the brightness and glare of your computer monitor. If your eye symptoms do not go away be sure to call your eye doctor for an eye exam.

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