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AMD Prevention - Is It Possible?
August 27, 2013

AMD Prevention - Is It Possible?

After finishing his yearly eye exam, my husband, who is at high risk for macular degeneration, called me at work and told me that he had the early signs of age related macular degeneration - drusen. Of course this prompted a quick call to his eye doctor so I could find out how many he had, how big they were and if they were close to the macula. While waiting for the doctor's return call I made an appointment for my husband to see a retina specialist.

Family History

When the eye doctor heard my concern and realized an appointment was made to see the retina specialist, she had my husband come back in for a retina exam using a more sensitive machine. It was with great relief we found out that a mistake was made reading the first retina exam and that indeed he did not have any macular drusen or pigment changes that would indicate early AMD.

This same week we found out that my husband's father had started receiving eye injections as his dry AMD had progressed to the wet form. He finds the injections very painful and dreads his next appointment.

Both bits of news prompted a renewed commitment to a plan for preventing AMD, especially for my husband.

Find out what we are doing to influence our eye health to keep our vision strong and to reduce our risk of age related macular degeneration:

Macular Degeneration Prevention

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Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

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