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All You Have to Do is Point
October 15, 2021

All You Have to Do is Point

Those with macular degeneration struggle with vision loss or the fear of losing their vision in the sometime distant future.

Of course it's not just the vision loss that is so disturbing it's the loss of activities and independence associated with it - such as identifying the face of a friend, picking out food at the grocery store or baking chocolate chip cookies for the family.

What if despite your vision loss you could still do many of the things you did when you had healthy vision? Such as pick out your friend at a restaurant, find your favorite box of cereal on the grocery shelf, or get out all the needed ingredients to make those chocolate chip cookies?

All these things and more are indeed possible with a new device that some call "talking glasses." This low vision assistive device can be mounted on any prescription glasses.

The system works by translating visual information into audio. Find out how this device can benefit you or a loved one by reading our e-interview from OrCam, the developers of this low vision technology, and watching a short video of how it's changing lives:

Orcam Glasses That Speak to You

Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

Better Health for Better Vision

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