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Automated Eye Injections Using Ophthorobotics
July 22, 2021

Automated Eye Injections Using Ophthorobotics

For those who have wet macular degeneration, anti-VEGF therapy such as Lucentis, Avastin or Eyelea, helps to inhibit and block the growth of new, but abnormal and undesirable blood vessels that leak blood and fluid in and around the macula.

This build up of fluid causes many changes in one's vision from the loss of straight ahead vision to vision distortion making it difficult to read, recognize faces or to drive. Anti-VEGF therapy is given as an injection into the eye and for many patients these injections can be as frequent as every month.

Automated Eye Injections

While research continues to seek better and less invasive treatment for wet AMD, one Swiss company is looking at improving the eye injection process through the use of robotics.

More precision, quicker response and better safety may be in the future for those receiving their eye injections robotically. Find out how anti-VEGF therapy works to treat wet macular degeneration and watch a short video on how this high-tech eye robotic equipment works.

Ophthorobotics Automate Eye Injections

Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

Better Health for Better Vision

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