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"Leslie, I Have Macular Degeneration."
July 28, 2023

"Leslie, I Have Macular Degeneration."

"Leslie, I have macular degeneration," my friend told me in a recent phone conversation. I made some empathizing statement and then asked if she had seen a retina specialist. She indeed had and when I asked what test results had indicated that she had this retinal disease, she didn't know but she said that she would find out.

My friend was very surprised by her recent diagnosis as she has no family history of AMD, doesn't have a lot of the risk factors, and has no visual symptoms. The retinal changes were first discovered during her annual eye exam whereupon her eye doctor sent her to the retina specialist.

A couple of days later my friend sent me her report that stated she had large drusen in her left eye and several small drusen in her right eye. "What does this mean, Leslie?"

Well, you can learn a lot about the condition of your retina, your AMD diagnosis and macular degeneration prognosis by knowing a couple of things about macular drusen.

Find out what are macular drusen, why size and number matters, what are the two different types or macular drusen and how to discuss "the state of your drusen" at your next eye appointment:

Macular Drusen: Size, Number and Type Matters to Your Vision

Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

Better Health for Better Vision

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