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AMD In One Eye: What Happens to the Other Eye?
February 11, 2016

AMD In One Eye: What Happens to the Other Eye?

Recently I came across this question, "If you have wet macular degeneration in one eye will you get it in the other eye? Right now it is only in my left. My right eye shows no signs or dry or wet."

Another person who has dry AMD in one eye may also be wondering if the other eye will develop this chronic retinal condition as well. This is a great question and a common concern for those who have macular degeneration.

Risk Factors for AMD

When a person has affected vision in one eye but not the other, the good eye compensates for the vision loss in the "bad" eye and the combined vision of both eyes can be surprisingly good.

Often it's not until a person is in the eye doctor's office and has his/her "good " eye covered that one realizes how poor the vision is in the "bad" eye.

That is why those with AMD in one eye are very concerned about what can be done to protect the vision in the good eye.

If you are wondering what causes AMD to develop in the good eye and what risk factors you can control to help reduce that risk go to:

Risk Factors for Developing AMD 

Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

Better Health for Better Vision

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