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"Nothing More Can Be Done"
February 02, 2017

"Nothing More Can Be Done"

"Nothing more can be done." Have you heard those words before from your treating eye doctor or optometrist regarding your eyeglass prescription? Perhaps that may not be so. The International Academy of Low Vision Specialists explain, "Even when AMD patients have been repeatedly told by eye doctors that a change in eyeglass prescription will not help, and that "nothing more can be done" low vision optometrists can and do help."

How is a Low Vision Eye Doctor Different?

That is what my father-in-law asked when we discussed setting up an appointment for him for a low vision eye exam. According to Dr. Randolph Kinkade, OD, MPH, "Low Vision doctors have been trained in the physics, optics and use of high powered lenses and lens systems. They understand the principles of magnification, field of view, depth and of focus. They also have a working knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of the multitude of low vision glasses, magnifiers, electronic and non-optical devices available."

Low Vision Eye Exam

The low vision eye exam is different from a regular eye exam. The specialist first discusses how the patient's low vision is affecting his/her independence, quality of life and ability to perform tasks or hobbies. Once the vision goals are determined, like being able to read the newspaper or being able to continue gardening, the low vision doctor performs thorough vision testing in order to make recommendations for magnification, lighting, and optical glasses using telescopes and prisms.

"We can do more now than ever before," says Richard Shuldiner, OD, founder of The International Academy of Low Vision Specialists. "Whether a person wishes to drive, read, play cards or just see faces, we design special "low vision" glasses to help people do what they want to do."

Find out more from Dr. Kinkade how a low vision eye exam and specialist can help you or a loved one:

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Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

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