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Aware, Accept and Adapt
July 21, 2015

Aware, Accept and Adapt

Yesterday, my 89 year old father-in-law, Les, who has wet macular degeneration called my husband - by himself. Because of more recent vision loss he couldn't see the telephone numbers on the phone he had used for years and his way of compensating was to have his wife dial the phone for him.

We had brought him a large number phone with speed dial several months ago but he wasn't ready to use it and at that time he didn't want to give up his "old" phone.

At the January visit Les was aware that making his own phone calls on the cell and land line telephone was getting difficult and he perhaps was starting to accept that, but his way of adapting left him without his independence.

A, B, C's of Success

A new book released by Bob Proctor, called The ABCs of Success , hits on the secrets to living life successfully - not just with money, but with relationships, health, career, and yes, with vision loss.

The first letter A stands for Aware, Accept and Adapt. This concept can be applied to any area of our life. I used to be able to run long distances without thinking twice about it. I'd meet a friend and off we'd go for a 5-6 mile run. Later when I started developing knee pain, I found that I had to start doing specific strengthening and stretching exercises regularly, as well as doing massages to my knee to increase circulation. Magnesium spray became my friend and soon I was able to run pain free again - but only if I continued to incorporate these "knee health" practices.

Adapting Takes Time

Back to the telephone. My husband talked to his dad about how important it was for him to make his own phone calls, especially if he was home by himself. So the large number phone was brought back and with some training, and the help of the 3 A's of aware, accept and adapt, Les can now make his own phone calls.

There are so many different macular degeneration aids that can help you or your loved one adapt to their vision loss. Check out some of the possibilities here for performing everyday tasks and for improved independence:

Adapt with Macular Degeneration Aids

Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

Better Health for Better Vision

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