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Light Up Your World
February 13, 2020

Light Up Your World

You probably have already figured it out that those with macular degeneration (AMD) need more light. The need for light is greater for those with AMD because of the degeneration of cones in the retina. In fact some eye specialists state that those with AMD need four times more light than those with normal vision.

Maximize Your Vision

There are three ways to maximize one's usable vision with improved lighting: the use of natural daylight, the placement of general lighting and the positioning of close-up or task lighting. Anyone of these sources of light can be used to one's advantage so that glare or too much brightness doesn't interfere with vision.

Task Lighting Tip:

Don't depend on a table lamb to give you the light you need when doing close up tasks like reading, going through bills or performing a hobby.

Instead invest in an adjustable desk lamp where the light can be positioned right where it is needed most. With better lighting the need for higher magnification is less.

General Lighting Tip:
Provide even light throughout a room, rather than using one "bright" light that leaves the rest of the room dark. Use round white or light colored shades for the best general lighting.

Natural Daylight Tip:
Make the most of a sunny room by using it during the day for reading books or writing out bills. Place your back to the window so that the daylight will lighten the area the task is being performed.

From the type of lamp shades and light bulbs you use to where you place your floor or table lamps you can make your home not only safer but provide you with a brighter outlook.

More Tips for Maximizing Your Vision with Proper Lighting

Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

Better Health for Better Vision

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