What's the Best Macular Degeneration Magnifier?

Often people want to know what is the best macular degeneration magnifier. However,there is no one magnifier that is going to meet all of ones needs for magnification. There are different magnifiers for different tasks.

The type of magnifier needed depends on what activity it will be used for. It may be just for spot reading a prescription bottle or the label on a can. Perhaps it’s for reading something more lengthier like a magazine or a book. Performing hobbies like sewing or working in your workshop require one kind of magnifier, while watching TV or a sports even requires another type.

Along with choosing the right magnifier you also need to know how to use it correctly with the correct lighting.

Choosing Low Vision Magnifiers

In order to select the best type of magnifier to meet your individual magnification one needs to consider:

The Lens Size

The lens size needs to be large enough to see as much as possible and/or small enough to be carry in your pocket or purse.

The Magnification

Magnification is the ratio between the apparent size and the true size of the viewed object behind the lens. If an object behind the lens appears ten times larger than its true size, and the object is in focus, the magnification is 10X.

Focal length

Focal Length has do to with how far the magnifier needs to be from your eyes and from the object. The stronger the magnification, the shorter the distance between the magnifier and the object.

Magnifying Lens Material

The lenses can be made from either glass or acrylic. Glass lenses allow more light to be transmitted through the lens and usually have very clear optical qualities. It is hard, but not impossible, to scratch a glass lens.

Acrylic lenses are very lightweight compared to glass lenses. They normally don't break or shatter and are scratch resistant. Many of today's magnifiers are acrylic and have exceptional optical qualities.

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Leslie Degner, RN, BSN

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